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pio pio Spanish... a journey in Spanish for little ones

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¡Vámonos!  Let's go! 

Welcome to pío pío Spanish!

Pre-K and young children are wired to acquire languages.  All over the world, children grow up speaking two, three or even more languages.  During these early years is the best time to introduce children to a multilingual, multicultural world.  They will embrace linguistic and cultural diversity as the way the world ought to be.

We specialize in immersing young children in Spanish through music, chants, games and play.  We serve communities in Massachusetts northwest of Boston, including the Metro West and Assabett Valley areas of  Sudbury, Maynard, Hudson, Stow, Acton, Concord, Wayland, Boxborough,
and surrounding communities.  It is our mission and our passion to help educators, child care providers, and parents make foreign language learning a core part of young children's learning experience.  Read more about our approach.

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